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May 9, 2008
I’m adding this to my new blog only because I want to remember, to be held accountable and to move forward ALWAYS!

So you know how it goes.  You’re living your life.  Great things start happening.  It’s rolling – all this stuff coming your way, and lots of it.  Friends, money, popularity… doesn’t really matter what it is, it’s just happening.  And then what?  Something changes- something “goes wrong”.  You start to see how much you had been missing.  You start to realize that this world you were living in isn’t what you thought it was.  That thing that went wrong becomes a symbol of it all… a big manifestation of how you let life take you for a ride without looking to see where you were going.  Maybe it’s the easy road that was so alluring and golden and shiny that all of those things blinded you to where it would end.  Or maybe it was the road that looked like the one you were supposed to be on, but you didn’t look long enough to notice that the holes were filled in with gravel and there were no signs to warn you of that long fall if you happened to step in the wrong place. 

I think I was on both of these roads. Roads that I created but without intention.  Roads that led me away from who I am.  Roads that took away possibilities and potential.

So what road am I on now?  The one that surely will be the most dynamic, the one with the most turns and bumps and traffic… but the one that was created deliberately by me.  The one that chooses integrity, hope, excellence and love in every situation.  The one that makes a difference in this world and the one that will bring about those feelings, tears and emotions that only come from living a life powerfully and purposefully.  For those that took the glittery side road or the gravel filled path with me this past couple of months, I invite you to join me on my real journey… the one where your life shines a little more because you were a part of it. 

Thank you for understanding and for keeping me accountable – you know who you are.


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A moment to remember

September 17, 2008

If you’ve ever thought that the most significant spiritual moment you could ever have would have to be at a church, or a synagogue, or atop a mountain in Tibet, then I invite you to SoCal

Today as I was setting up for volleyball camp I glanced at the ocean and saw the fin of a dolphin in the distance.  As usual, this took my breath away and as I watched, fin after fin after fin emerged!  In my excitement I started counting 3, no 4, no… 8….. 14….17 dolphins 30 yards from the shore.  As I resisted the urge to jump in the water, or try to “figure out” what they were doing so close, or hope that they wouldn’t leave (how funny are our minds!), instead I just took it in and let them have their moment in my life.

I watched them swim in tandem, speed past the break, twist and turn into the path of each other, perhaps instigating a game of “tag” as kids do in a playground.  I witnessed three dolphins catch a wave (a huge one!), then swim out of it and all three jumped in the air, facing each other as if celebrating the fact that they caught the gnarliest wave of the morning 😉 . 

The moment was so powerful and uplifting to me that I noticed tears had started rolling down my cheeks – perhaps I was caught up in their beauty, their majesty and their simplicity; maybe it was the realization that I am exactly where I should be…

Now as quickly as the dolphins had entered my life, they were gone.  But I didn’t feel the need to want them for longer or wish for another trick, another moment.  They had made a difference for me and it was enough and it was perfect.

In reflection of this experience I wonder what it is about a dolphin that is so mesmerising and so unique.  I believe it is that we see who we are in them. 

They are individuals, each showing off their athletic prowess, often seeming to playfully outjump or outswim their comrades.  They are willing to break off from the group to discover places on their own.

They are a community and they need each other.  Though they were often swimming alone or in pairs, the pod was in synchronicity – changing directions together and compromising which direction to take. They knew that they were stronger as a group than on their own.

They are protectors and providers – taking care of each other as well as human beings that may need them.  If you have ever been close to a dolphin you know instantly that you can trust them and even rely on them.

They are intuitive and present – they don’t fight the waves and the power of the ocean but swim with the currents, ride the waves and rest when the ocean subsides.

Finally, dolphins play.  They don’t seem to take life too seriously!  If they miss a wave, they catch the next and seem to be smiling through the whole process.  We know how intelligent they are– isn’t it ironic that they are also the most playful creatures on the planet?  Maybe they understand what life is about? 

So as I am writing this the dolphins have reemerged… for the record, they rarely swim back the way that they came..  Who knows?  Maybe it’s a reminder to me that in letting things go, it creates an opening for them to come back.  Or maybe they just came back to catch some more gnarly waves 🙂

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Hello world!

It’s official!  I have a blog.  My intention with this is to keep track of all of my thoughts, messages, and updates and to share with everyone my journey playing pro beach volleyball for Canada and on the AVP!  I am so excited about all that 2010 will bring and to hear your comments and ideas about it as well.

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