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Sometimes the toughest decision to make!

I am indecisive.  It’s actually hard for me to admit but it’s true.  I wait till the last minute to make decisions, even small ones like where I’m going on Friday night or whether I am training in the morning or late in the day.  My parents say I can’t commit and even though I totally understand how it appears that way, the irony is that I believe I am a very committed person.  When I finally do make a decision, I am full on about it and often find it hard to let go of a commitment quicker than I should when the commitment no longer serves me. 

So I wonder, if I am a committed person, why is it so damn hard for me to figure out what to commit to?  Are there too many options?  Am I unfocused?  Do I actually know what I want?  And what are the implications of me being this way? There must be a benefit, or I wouldn’t be doing it, and on the flip side, there is clearly a cost.

I actually truly believe that we are a culture of ADD (Attention Deficit Disorder).  I personally find myself multitasking all the time – I will be hanging out with a friend, listening to music while responding to a text on my personal phone and reading an email on my work phone.  And I think I do it well 🙂 .  Studies have actually shown that human beings are unable to focus on more than one thing at a time.  It’s why we can no longer use our phone while driving – when our mind has to retrieve information or engage in a conversation, we reduce our attention to other details in our environment to allow for that brain activity.  It’s also why we can be in a noisy apartment unable to sleep one night and two nights later we are used to the noise and are fine – our body can “tune out” that which doesn’t help us do the most important task.

I realize that it is important to multitask- there are so many things on my plate, as most people feel, but, but at what point do I need to zero in – focus on the one important task? My brain, I’m pretty sure, doesn’t even know what that is, which is perhaps why I stay in the land of indecision for so long, NOT taking action, and not getting results.

There is a really great quote that I came upon recently that said this:

“Most people have no idea of the giant capacity we can immediately command when we focus all of our resources on mastering a single area of our lives”.

It’s true.  The best in the world are committed.  They are decisive.  They are FULL ON.  Everything they do is towards one clear goal and for that reason, decisions are a lot simpler.  For me right now, I’m decided where to play this next season, with whom, with which coach, and which league.  I’ve been sitting on the same decision for the past 4 months, and am really no closer to my final answer.  Actually, I would even say that I am further from my answer as I have put more options on the table, which has confused me even more. 

I went to an awesome seminar on Monday and then talked to a couple of great friends, and here’s how I now intend to make my decision…. from my gut.

 I have information, advice, options.  The one thing I am missing is what my gut is telling me.  Not what I should do or think is the best choice, but what I feel the best about.  And I think I am worried about following that feeling because it’s hard to justify, hard to explain to others, and hard to understand myself.  BUT, one thing I know is that trusting my gut and taking risks have always led me to something great – an experience, a place, a person…. so to say that it is risky isn’t really accurate – I actually have relevant information and my experience is my data.  100% compliancy 🙂 .  It’s like the guy that looks great on paper, or that makes sense, but that you don’t have that feeling about.  You never buy in because deep down you know, and 2 years later you break someone’s heart and realize that you knew all along and just never chose your heart over your head.  In the end, the heart rules right?


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