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Someone said to me last week that pleasure is tension released.  Hmmm…. I know how this sounds… and yes, THAT is true  😉 BUT  we were talking about TV shows and her point was simply this – a writer creates the feeling of happiness by first creating conflict.    If the only outcome was for the hero to win we would experience, at best, contentment, but if there is a chance of failure or of losing, then when the hero perseveres we feel pleasure.  I mean, just imagine the boredom of watching an episode of “Survivor” where they do a challenge following a catered meal or “The Bachelorette” where all the guys are nice, rich, and actually single (yes Wes, I loved to hate you)!

A good example of pain creating pleasure is working out.  Today I had my toughest workout in six months.  I thought about it for a day beforehand, dreaded it throughout warmup, then almost puked and passed out during it.  And when I finished?  Well, it was the BEST feeling ever.  I’m not sure if it was the relief that it was over, or more likely the massive surge of endorphins (and it’s no coincident how our bodies do that!)  I felt unreal, and almost euphoric.

And extend those endorphin rushes to a bigger perspective of life.  There is truly nothing like overcoming obstacles to achieve a dream -Look at Joannie Rochette’s Olympic medal.  The death of her mother made her routine so powerful and as we all held our breath to see the final score, the floodgate of tears revealed that it meant more than all of the other bronze medals. It was not actually about the end result- there is something about what happens in the middle that makes it all more meaningful.

I think that we not only react to tension and conflict, but we actually create it in order to feel the emotions that follow. I know that it sounds masochistic but bear with me.. People love to fight in relationships.  There is something in us that feeds off of and creates drama.   I mean, to do this to ourselves means there must be something in it for us right?  I think that we sometimes just naturally create the tension we need to feel that spike in pleasure.  And I’m not advocating for this, just noticing that we have this in us.  Maybe when it gets boring, or easy, we shake it up so that we feel alive.   I mean, isn’t that what makeup sex is all about?  And isn’t it the best kind of sex?  Just saying…

My most interesting, fun, fulfilling times have definitely been the ones with a little drama, and my greatest accomplishments have been after my toughest times.  I always try to remember that without the dark, you can’t experience the light.  To have one, we need the other.  And in fact, maybe when the dark comes, when things get tough, and when tension rises, that’s our sign that something great is coming our way! I mean, a little tension might just be worth the price we have to pay for pleasure 🙂 Here’s to the masochist in all of us and in the words of the World’s Greatest:

There are no pleasures in a fight but some of my fights have been a pleasure to win.
Muhammad Ali

Yep.  I get it.


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