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Okay, so I was hanging out with a few friends this past weekend in Whistler, and I realized something….we all know “The Best” ________________ (fill in the blank).

So, rather than going out trying out a million different products, hair stylists, waxers, dating sites, hole in the wall mexican restaurants and makeup, I was thinking we would all give our list of “Best Of’s”! So, feel free to copy and paste my categories, OR, if you have a category of your own, please share share share (this is only as good as YOUR advice!) and make a difference for everyone who reads this – let’s spread all the BESTS in our lives ūüôā

Here is mine:

Best Makeup trick: Mistura.com. For some reason, this makeup takes away the residuals of a hard night out, and makes you glow without sparkle or shine. Truly one of the greatest makeup tricks I’ve seen and worth every penny

Best Hair Product: I’ve tried it all but Moroccan Oil wins. Smooths hair without weighing it down or making it greasy.

Best Hair Trick: I’m a fan of anything brazilian… ¬†But the brazilian blowout is a miracle. Check it out and if you have any inkling to try it, go for it! Kind of pricey, but for me well worth the hours I save doing my hair

Best Wax: Get your wax at Sugarbox – Might be that they make it feel totally cool to be in pain for 20 mins!

Best way to burn 500 calories: Ummm… other than the obvious ūüėČ Okay, crossfit. Hands-down greatest workout ever and never lasts more than an hour. ¬†Do it at a crossfit gym or they post free workouts online at http://www.crossfit.com or http://www.crossfit.ca

Best Place to Grab Some Grub: I love The Eatery Sushi Bar.  Cool vibe, great people and an owner that makes you feel like you are hanging out at a wicked dinner party at his place.

Best TV show no-one else seems to watch: For sure this MTV show called “If you really knew me”. ¬†Makes me cry everytime – just so cool how looking at life with a different perspective can change the world… check it out!

Best Nutritional Tip: Coconut oil. Miracle food! ¬†Google it and you’ll find out why ūüôā


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 If you want to go fast, go alone.  If you want to go far, go with others. 

I like to walk alone.¬† I don’t know what it is but I think it comes from my mom’s side.¬† It’s common knowledge to all of the in-laws that marry into the family that a Priestner walks fast and furiously in whatever direction they think is the right way, losing whoever can’t keep up and often going in the opposite direction that they intend!¬† My dad just loves to follow my mom, as she confidently strides to her “destination”, only to tell her, 5 minutes later when she turns around that the car is the other way.¬† “Well why didn’t you tell me?!!”.¬† He laughs, and since he almost knows her better than she¬† knows herself, says “You didn’t ask”.¬†

In so many ways, I am my mother ūüôā¬† Aren’t we all?!¬† I am also known for the same thing.¬† I just go.¬† I just walk in whatever direction I think is right, only turning around to ask for directions, help and validation once I realize I’m in some abandoned parking lot and the sun is going down.¬† The last resort!

Here’s why it works out for me… I’m super lucky.¬† I have friends and family that stick around – like a favorite pet, they go and do their own thing, but always know where I am.¬† Check around the corner… “yep, she’s safe”, then frolick on their own walk until just enough distance that they need to check once more.¬† And though I love them greatly for this, how many miles have I wasted walking in the wrong direction when I just could have asked a local where “L street” is?

Rather than just assuming I know the path, what about getting more information and making a decision from that point rather than the trial and error of a GPS-less existence.¬†¬† You know, I LOVE the quote at the top of this blog.¬† It’s just so true.¬† Alone, things get done quickly because… well… nobody is there to stop you.¬† And though there is a rush with that, and things move quickly at the beginning, there is a cap to what we can do alone.¬† I think that the Olympics here in Vancouver were a testament to that.¬† Together we are stronger.¬† Together we can make a miracle happen.¬† IF we choose to work together, anything is possible.¬† Yes, the route may be slower, but the road has no end- we can keep building and building because of the amount of tools and resources that a group of people have, rather than the few that one individual might rely on.

For me, I know that my tools include work ethic, vision, positivity.¬† But to simply deal with everything that comes my way with these tools is shortsighted… for example, I trust everyone, blindly.¬† Now trust is a great thing, but if I allowed somebody analytical, who has an understanding of what I want to do into the equation, perhaps they could give me some really important information that would save me from trusting the wrong source… at the end of the day, I could make my own choice but at least I have more to go on then my own personal strengths.¬† Believe it or not, I hadn’t asked my parents, who wrote Own the Podium- 2010 about training suggestions.¬† Crazy right?¬† My mission is to seek information from those that possess it and why not start close to home ūüôā

Anyways, as I go I learn and this past year I have learnt SO much.¬† Right now I’m deciding what to do to be my best as I heal from this injury and I want to build my toolbox as much as I can.¬† I would love, from my many friends who share this blog with me, advise and insight about what they suggest with training, financing my training/competition, nutrition, and mental training, so please feel free to send me ideas!¬† Until then, I’ll hopefully find out where I parked my F-ing car!!!

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Today was a long day.¬† It’s Wednesday and the 3rd day of my new job, which, along with training, has somewhat kicked my ass ūüėȬ† I need to figure out how to… a.¬† get up at 5:30am so I can train in the morning or b.¬† be able to unwind enough after training at night to fall asleep at a reasonable time… any suggestions?!

I think that in the past in times where I have felt stretched to my max, I’ve sometimes found reasons to give something up – to stop doing some of the things I know I need to do to feel great.¬† Reasons why I should be feeling stressed and why it¬†is justified.¬† I think we often do that when we take on big projects or multiple projects- we want people to understand why we are a little moodier, a little more tired, a little more flaky, a little uncommitted to the “extra” things like eating well, working out, returning calls, and making time for the people we love.¬† And then we get into this spiral of feeling crappier, and doing more of the things that are making us feel crappier, and feeling more and more justified in feeling crappier each day as we are working so hard!

So I was swimming today for a workout -it¬†was supposed¬†to be¬†45 mins and 60 minutes later I realized I had been completely lost in thought the whole¬†time – I could barely even remember the past 10 lengths!¬† In my life, this¬†has been¬†the signal that I am distracted¬†and that my priorities are geting¬†mixed up.¬† It usually is followed¬†with giving up something that is important for me to be¬†successful.¬†¬†I was¬†“thinking” about what I did today, what I needed to do tomorrow, who I needed to talk to etc. etc. etc. and it masked the mindlessness that my workout was.¬† I needed to be thinking about my strokes, my times, my rest and my program for that one hour, which would have refreshed and revived me, getting me ready to tackle whatever problem would come my way in the future.¬† Instead I spent the hour consumed in the “what ifs” of the future.¬†

I know that to be successful, both in beach volleyball and in my job, I will need to be able to create balance, to focus in on exactly what I need to focus on in that moment.  Forget what happened, and what is coming.  Do what I need to do right now.

I saw this really cool quote that I am going to stay true to…

‚ÄúMost successful men have not achieved their distinction by having some new talent or opportunity presented to them. They have developed the opportunity that was at hand.‚ÄĚ
Bruce Barton

When things are busy, or difficult, or trying, we have to remember that there is an opportunity to be¬†great.¬† It’s an opportunity to be¬†great in everything we want to be¬†great in, no matter what the circumstances, and these long days of work and training and designing with www.vivvos.com are a perfect¬†way for me to¬†develp the opportunity at hand ūüôā

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