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These guys dont have a chance ūüôā

Oh to be in the dating world – so much fun, so much excitement, so much craziness… SO MUCH.

The last 13 years of dating for me has been somewhat of a blur – there was an 8 year long term relationship stint (3 in a row!) that defined my youth. ¬†First the crazy rugby player, completely opposite to me in terms of values and beliefs but that caused so much excitement and turmoil, it must have been love! ¬† Then there was the one I thought I would marry at 21 which of course didn’t pan out (I mean, I was 21!) … followed by the first real grown up relationship I had that ended with a cross-country move.

So I was by definition a “relationship person” by 26 and followed that with 5 years of singleness, of which I account all of my dating saavy to. ¬†Am I actually dating saavy? ¬†Probably not. ¬†I mean, I’ve come ¬†a long way from the naive 18 year old from the prairies, but I have figured a few things out along the way. ¬†Maybe it was the actor who declared his commitment to me, immediately followed by a month being MIA, the California born-and-bred art director who believed that he had talked to mermaids, or the pro basketball player who had all the wrong moves, here’s a little about what I learned that’s out there for the ladies these days ūüėČ

Of course, I’ll use a little sport analogy – what else would you all expect?! ¬†Maybe you’ve dated one of these guys, or married them but feel free to share which you think has the most long term potential, which is a flop, and definitely let me know if I missed any (I mean, I haven’t ever watch a cricket match… maybe they are the holy grail of men?!)

The Pro Basketball Player : 

Okay, we all know it. ¬†He gets all of the chicks, and I mean ALL of them. ¬†He looks at us from the corner of his eye (as he’s being interviewed of course!). ¬†He has fans and admirers around him always. We think we are the special one, that he’s somehow been looking for a long term, committed and stable relationship all along and had to go through ALL of those women to find US. ¬†We start imagining our fairytale futures which he obviously has the looks, money and social connections to provide. ¬†The problem? He never really had to work in a relationship before so he doesn’t do all those things we want like call back, plan dates and ask us questions about ourselves.¬†And a few months after he notices that other girl and she starts planning their fairytale life too…

The Pro Basketball Player Wannabe: 

He’s the guy at UrbanRec who wears the bright yellow jersey, a bandana and has the armband tattoo. ¬†He’s playing coed to meet the ladies but he never passes to the girls (even though he misses most of his shots!). ¬†About once a month he gets into a fight with one of the guys he’s playing and we watch with disdain as he treats this fun league like the NBA playoffs. ¬†But then the UrbanRec social happens. ¬†And for some reason we had one too many drinks and we start talking to Wannabe and he’s actually nicer than we thought. ¬†In fact, we had such low expectations that we are totally blown away by him, and mistake our average conversation with a massive connection. ¬†And then we get a response to our “it was great meeting you” text with “fo sho”. Oops.


The Volleyball Player:

Hmm, this one may be a little touchy since I have loads of wicked volleyball friends out there (and many of my lucky girlfriends married them!!) ¬†but hey, I gotta be fair ūüėČ ¬†You see the volleyball player competing. ¬†He’s tall, he’s hot, he’s possibly without a shirt on the beach…. he hits the ball so hard but still – there’s a net between him and his competition. ¬†He doesn’t really like body contact and is he hugging his partner after a play? ¬†So in spite of that you make a date for Saturday…and how perfect- the sun is out when you wake up!… you can go to the park, or for a walk… BUT nope – a pick up beach game happens and the date is cancelled. ¬†Well, not cancelled, it’s postponed and maybe you can help him ice after and replay every single point he scored during the game. But no big deal right? ¬†There’s always next weekend (oops, is that the volleyball BC season opener? ¬†or the following one (a Cliver tournament? – ah, bad luck!) – well, what about a weekend in July? ¬†Oh, right, Corona Open followed by Centre of Gravity Tournament. ¬†So you are officially in a winter only relationship ūüôā ¬†The thing is that this guy is the ultimate guy in so many ways. ¬†He’s got great genes and he’s smart. ¬†He isn’t going to ever get in a bar fight. ¬†And he’s so wellkept, even his fingernails are perfect… so perfect… I mean, seriously, how did he get his nails to look like that, is it a french manicure? I’m a little jealous…

The Swimmer:

Swimmer’s have always been confusing to me. ¬†They are the most fun people to hang out with, but they are willing to stare at a red line on the bottom of a pool for 5 hours a day. ¬†You meet a swimmer and he’s awesome. ¬†Funny, outgoing and smart, he’s the perfect catch (it seems). ¬†But he has some weird things that just don’t feel right. ¬†Maybe it’s a small obsession with training or the fact he is in bed at 8, but you start to feel like you are simply along for the ride, and that he is only available when it’s convenient, which is between 10am-12pm mon/wed/fri.

The IronMan Triathlete: 

My boyfriend claims that this is the ultimate man ūüėČ Not gonna lie, I think I may agree with him on this one. ¬†The ironman is a rare breed of man. ¬†He dedicates his life to something that very few people follow (though there is a cult following). ¬†He doesn’t do it for the admiration or the fans or the glory. ¬†He does it because there is something about racing for 10 hours that fulfills a personal journey for him. ¬†But here’s the question. ¬†Does the IronMan triathlete ever feel truly fulfilled or is he seeking forever? ¬†And can you ever move to the top priority or is this semi-obsessive sport forever in his mind? ¬†On the bright side, endurance is a great thing in many areas in a relationship!

The Cliff Diver: 

This athlete makes for a fast and furious relationship. ¬†He will take you places you have never been, you will try new and novel foods, locations and experiences constantly. ¬†He’s the most fun we’ve ever had. But is he safe? ¬†I mean, literally and figuratively, will he take care of us? ¬†Or does he coax us to always jump, even if he’s unsure where we will land? ¬†This guy, though flashy and fun, bores of everything after one or two tries and can you blame him? ¬†He’s so much more exciting than…. us? ¬†So some of us try to be as cool and fun and carefree as CliffDiver but it never feels quite natural and we’re pretty sure once it’s not as fun, he’s gonna move on. ¬†And then fun becomes kind of boring and we just want to sit and have a tea.

The Rower: 

Yep, we’ve found the perfect athlete. ¬†Physically gifted, probably went to Yale. ¬†Other than the morning practices, he’s a keeper (though he never fails to bring us home a latte! ) He’s perfect. ¬†Just so perfect. And yet why is perfect so darn boring? ¬†Can we have a little more drama please? ¬†Or a joke? Okay okay, I know how that sounds but the rower is the guy that we know we should want but for some reason we don’t. ¬†We call it “lack of chemistry” or “he’s nice”. ¬†Whatever we call it, we feel we are lacking something and I’m not sure whether that’s about him or about US.

The Decathlete: 

A jack of all trades, the decathlete does it all. ¬†He can run, jump and throw and he does all of these things well, but he’s a decathlete because he never really excelled in one thing. ¬†And I’m not saying that as a bad thing, but this guy is always doing 10 things at once! ¬†His computer is on, the tv is going, he is texting and folding his clothes. ¬†There’s so much to talk to him about but his mind is everywhere else and you never really feel like he’s focused or present. Everyone tells him how much potential he would have if he just focused his energy on one thing but he can’t decide what he likes best and what he wants to do. It seems his life is always in the “in-between” stage as he searches for the next gig, the next relationship, the next ______. And 3 years goes by and he’s still not sure how he feels about a long term commitment ūüėČ

The MMA Fighter (not including GSP of course!): 

Tough, strong and fierce, this guy turns us on because he scares us a little! ¬†We know he’s bad for us but for some reason we see his soft side and we want him to see it too. ¬†Our friends warn us, and we don’t introduce him to mom and dad because deep down we know that they are right – he’s trouble. ¬†So we start hanging around with his friends instead of ours, and as we get to know him more, we learn that he too has a pattern of bad relationships. ¬†And he helps us see that we aren’t perfect either and that the two of us really deserve each other. As time goes by we start to wear cutoff shirts, short jean shorts and clear heels and we wonder how we ever lived without a spray tan before…

The Rugby Player: 

He impressed you with his beer bong world record and he’s that guy that everybody loves! ¬†Centre of the party always, you are the IT couple. ¬†There are people around you always – and lucky for us, it’s mostly the guys. ¬†Actually, the guys have been around every night this week and it’s another boys night this friday… ¬†But it’s cool because he always comes home to us (even if it’s 5am) and somehow he always makes his 8am game warmup and kicks butt on the field! ¬†He’s totally exciting and up for anything and when he casually jokes about a potential threesome, we laugh, give him a punch in his amazingly defined shoulder, and then casually wonder if he’s talking about adding your friend or his?

The Figure Skater:

Move on ladies, he’s just not that into you!

But all jokes aside, each one of these guys is awesome in their own way – and I am sure we could easily do some female categories to even it all out (perhaps that’s a later blog!). ¬†I want to make sure everyone does know that I am using these sports as analogies – I’m not actually saying we should or shouldn’t date a decathlete! ¬†I know many decathletes that act like rowers or basketball players in “real life” ūüôā

For some reason, I have never really had a type – I’ve dated every kind of “athlete” listed above, but for others, they keep finding the same ones over and over…

The question I pose is this:

Is there a cheerleader for every football player? ¬†And if so, what type of a woman is right for each of these men? Any ideas as I’m currently trying to set one of my best friends up and she is almost always attracted to the MMA Fighter or Decathletes. ¬†I kind of feel like she would do best with a swimmer or ironman but do we just have a type and that’s it or is chemistry negotiable?


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